Friday 14 January 2011

Dream Again

When I was in the Philippines earlier this year I spent some time working with the Project Mercy School, which is designed to support teenagers that have dropped out of school for a host reasons. Bit more about the project here. Anyway I was talking to the founder Bayon Suico about the power of dreams and she mentioned that for a lot of young people who come out of traumatised, neglected or developmentally challenged backgrounds, a major problem is that they’ve often lost the ability to dream about the future. Without dreams you have no hopes and nothing to drive you forward, so one of the key aspects of the program is to get these young people dreaming again.

Since I spend much of my life helping people turn their dreams and visions into reality, she asked me to give a talk on dreaming at the school assembly. It was a little tricky because I’ve personally never been driven by dreams. I have no idea what the future will hold, or who I want to be, or where, in 10 years, 5 years, even two years. I have no vision of the future me. I do what I can, right now, in the loose direction of continuing to be able to help others; and that’s always worked well for me.  Nevertheless I can see the importance of dreaming and as usual tried to make it practical :)

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Feel free to reuse, edit, share or translate if it’ll help. You can download the editable file from Slideshare.
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