Saturday 13 March 2010

Adventures in India: Home Sweet Home!

The heat and sunshine in Mumbai are almost overpowered by the noise of construction as I sit on my friend Nikhil’s couch, watching cricket and settling in to the next leg of my globosocial adventures, one eye on the clearly untrained workers haphazardly drilling the building wall just outside.

My flight was smooth and impressive for an Indian Airlines, with good food and a reasonably big touch screen entertainment system that was miles better than anything I flew to or around Latin America. Cheap too. Go Jet Airways!
Outside the flat at Kemps Corner, little has changed since I was a child. The flyover is as it always was; the summer haze is smoggy as ever; red buses haven’t changed; car horns continue unabated; and taxis are still the same tiny Fiat Padminis we used to squeeze into as children.


Tomorrow I’ll pick up the phone and start calling friends I haven’t seen in ages, and on Monday the social adventures will start as I get in touch with the people and projects who’ve contacted me over the past few months. If you’re reading this and have any suggestions or connections, let me know.

In the meantime, the IPL juggernaut is swinging into full flow with the Mumbai Indians playing Rajasthan, and Harbajan Singh and some random woman say hello from a massive billboard outside our window!

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